Custom Website Design

Vision Design, an affiliated business partner of VSI, is an established web design company serving the Greater Hamilton Area since 2002. They are 6-time Consumer Choice Award Winners for the category of Best Web Design Company in Hamilton, Ontario. With a dedicated team of staff, 2 offices on Hamilton-Mountain & experience with web design, graphic design, software development, database application and print marketing, Vision Design can handle projects both small and large.

Every website design project has a starting point and we begin with the vision of our client. From there, we progress into the design & implementation stage of the web design process. More often than not, the client is not exactly sure of how they want the website to look, and this is where we come in. We take our time to walk our clients through a design process of determining what the specific requirements are, the overall general feel they want their website to express to onlooking traffic as well as the lasting impression they wish to make.

A custom website design is not limited just to the website itself. Vision Design can supplement your website with creative logos & graphics, a blog page, e-commerce features like shopping carts, video testimonials, virtual tours & dozens of photos. Our philosophy is centred around providing clients with complete marketing packages to ensure their success, both online and offline.

Advantages of Responsive Website Design:

  • Website is user-friendly on desktop monitors, laptops, tablets, TV screens as well as cellular mobile devices
  • As the world is becoming ever more reliant on web-based sources, establishing a powerful presence that reaches to wide audiences is critical
  • Responsive Website Designs result in more positive user experiences across many technological platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are very positively affected with the implementation of a responsive website
  • Responsive Websites are easier & more straight-forward to update
  • Such website designs have the ability to adapt to current and future mobile devices

Website Re-design

Is your website loading too slowly? Does it look out-of-date, and is it causing your business image to suffer unnecessarily?

We will re-design your existing website so that it's responsive, fast loading, easy to navigate & produces leads from the search engines. Most importantly, we will revise your website with you to ensure that it gets your company's message across to visitors effectively.

The process of re-designing an existing website entails more than just swapping a few pictures, editing a bit of text & changing graphics. In fact, the process is much more similar to that of building a brand new website. Our experienced, professional web designers will help you:

  • Compensate for any market trend that may be affecting your business' target audience
  • Implement new content, images, graphics & other website re-design features
  • Modernize layout and navigation so that it's user-friendly, and at the same time, fast-loading
  • Deal with any dissatisfaction that was a result of the existing site
  • Ensure that the website hosting package is sufficient for the new website design

We welcome the opportunity to consult with you on your website design needs!