Gemini 3D Letters & Sign Systems

Gemini products span metal, plastic & illuminated lettering. Metal products include flat cut metal lettering, cast metal lettering & stainless steel fabricated lettering. Plastic 3D letters are of 4 different types: laser cut acrylic, formed plastic, injection molded and laminated. Both metal and plastic letters make for excellent signage. Their advantage is that they’re unique and physical forms of advertisement.

Illuminated lettering, both backlit and face lit, are great for dimly lit settings like bars, lounges, pool halls, clubs, restaurants, arcades & adult game stores.

Sign systems can be composed of the following components:

  • engraved signs
  • digital vinyl prints
  • custom manufactured signs
  • site signage
  • screen-printed signs
  • directional signage
  • arking signage
  • building directories
  • etc.