Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are among some of the most cost effective marketing tools availa-ble. Vector Signs offers a large variety of vehicle wrap styles, giving you a number of options to choose from. With our customized vehicle wrap capabilities, your de-sign is limited by only your imagination. Below are a few of the most common vehi-cle wrap types:

  • Spot Vehicle Wrap: Spot Wraps are economical, effective & relatively simple. They usually consist of company logo, website URL, phone number, address & primary service offerings. Spot Wraps are easy to change or edit as business in-formation changes.
  • Half Vehicle Wrap: Half wraps are a great best of both worlds vehicle wrap since they are noticeable, yet not too busy. This category of vehicle wraps help deliver your company’s message to potential customers clearly. The Half Wrap features an opportunity to combine both visual images/graphics with business details that results in an impactful overall message.
  • Full Vehicle Wrap: The Full Vehicle Wrap guarantees that your vehicle stands out from the crowd. This type of vehicle wrap will not only grab the potential cus-tomers’ attention, it will spark curiosity within them too. With colourful digital print, your vehicle will look like a personal mobile billboard, providing you 24/7 advertisement.