"A" Frames are also known as sidewalk signs or sandwich boards. If you’re ever strolling through the city, you’ll see many A-Frame signs out on the sidewalk in front of businesses; advertising specials, promotions or important customer information. A-Frames can easily be secured to lamp posts or trees and left out overnight, or you can bring them in when you close for the day. A-Frame signs fold up easily and are light weight and durable.

Who benefits from "A" frame signs?

These can be useful for all kinds of businesses."A" frame signs offer a number of benefits to business owners looking to advertise their services and spread their name. Putting a sign out on the sidewalk can get people to walk in off the street by attracting impulse buyers, and also keep your regular customers informed of daily specials or deals so they know what to ask for. An "A" frame sign that is easily visible to passersby can be an essential and affordable investment for even small businesses with a small budg

Why choose an "A" frame?

  • They're easily customizable through graphic design or with erasable materials like chalkboard or whiteboard
  • They're portable and simple to assemble so you can reposition throughout the day in order to get the most attention
  • They come in a variety of styles and materials so you're sure to find a sign that's perfect for your needs
  • They attract attention in a way that other signs can't by venturing out onto the sidewalk so that people have to see them even if they're distracted by other things

How to get started?

At Vector Signs Inc. we offer a wide variety of customizable "A" frame signs in a number of different materials. We are dedicated to helping you and your business advertise through the best graphic design and sign options available. Need help coming up with a format? Our designers have years of experience assisting with logo production and sign displays. 

How much does it cost?

 We'll work with you to ensure that you get the best product while working within your advertising budget. If you would like to discuss the design or cost for an "A"frame sign for your business or organization, please feel free to contact us!

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