Illuminated Signs are a great way to grab attention and attract new business. Day or night this type of sign will brighten up your brand and help people to understand what you do.   Whether you are in need of just the sign face or the entire box, at Vector Signs Inc. we can help you find the solution. 

What is a backlit or illuminated sign?

Backlit/illuminated signs use transparent acrylic with LED lighting behind and a metal box to focus the light outwards and through your graphic. This is usually a vinyl material for your message. We design the sign face by incorporating your logo, graphics and/or message onto said vinyl material. 

Will I need a permit for my illuminated sign?

In most areas, permits will be required. By contacting your local municipality's website under "sign permit" you will find information on what is required. A permit will cost  around $400. A property survey will be required to show the property lines and where you propose to locate your signage. We can help with this process as well, should you wish.  

How much do illuminated signs cost?

Prices are calculated first by the square foot size of the sign and then by the area in which to reach it for installation and removal. Before quoting you a price and beginning your project, we will need to know:

  • Your address so we can look you up on Google Maps.
  • We will need the measurements of your sign. (Height x width) 
  • Do you have any artwork drawn up? If you do not we can design it for you.
  • Do you require a sign box or just a new face? In most cases the sign's box can be reused.
  • Is your sign LED or Florescent lit?

If you need any help with this let us know and we can come out and measure for you.

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