Construction Signs


Construction signs are mandatory on construction sites today. They provide information about new development projects or regulations concerning work on a site that will start soon in the neighborhood.  Whether the work is being done by the city, municipality or a private construction company, construction signs are critical for keeping everyone informed.

What materials are used for construction signs?

At Vector Signs Inc. we use Coroplast or Alu-Panel depending on the location and conditions the sign needs to be placed. They are a cost effective durable material that can last though out your project keeping everyone informed of the necessary details, and conditions of a job site. 

What kinds of constructions signs are offered?

We have experience designing and installing if necessary a wide variety of construction signs.  Safety signs, Parking signs, Traffic sign, Wayfinding signs are all a necessary requirement for your job site.  

Will a permit be required for this sign?

Any time a sign is installed on a building or in the ground, a Sign and Building Permit is required. For specifications about which permits you'll need and how to go about acquiring them, we recommend that you visit the website of your local municipality. 

How much do they cost?

Construction signs are pretty standardized signs that require very specific legal wording and design. Once you know exactly what you need for your project and/or site, please contact us so we can discuss details and pricing.

If you're an investor or a contractor, don't forget to come to us for lawn signs and banners also.