Digital Printing

Perforated or View Through Vinyl for Store Front Windows.

Trailer Wrap for the Beaudry Group.

Vector Signs Inc. has been a leading provider of digital printing services in the Golden Horseshoe for 30 years. Our graphic designers and installation specialists work to create visually captivating signs for a wide variety of applications.  We can print from your files or create a look for you. From Storefront Windows to Boat Wraps, Wall Graphics to Banners, we provide a quality product for your projects.

Types of Digital Prints

Through our years of experience, we’ve come to specialize in a number of digital printing styles that will strengthen and support your branding and marketing direction, whatever they may be. Here is a list of the digital printing services that we offer as well as an idea of why we are the best choice to make the signs that you're looking for:

  • Contour cut logos and decals: These are perfect for proudly displaying your company’s logo and official brand.  Vehicle Lettering and Reception Areas
  • Posters and Banners:  We'll print to a selection of medias to meet your end use needs. High Gloss Photo Papers (Photo Enlargements), Matte Bond Stock (Posters), Backlit Acetates (Backlit Poster Frames), Light Weight Stay Straight Scrim Pop up Banners, 13 oz. Banner, Mesh Banner, Selections of Vinyls for a variety of uses and surfaces and more
  • Window Graphics: Perforated Vinyl Window Graphics are a great way to expand your advertising real estate.  It allows for you to see out while the consumer can not see see in. They can only see your message in a very professional way. Impacting the public with a powerful message.
  • Wall graphics: We have several types of material available to fit almost every need. From Interior to Exterior , Commercial or Residential for Wall Quotes or Motivational Word Clouds, Residential Wall Murals, Custom Wall Papers, Textures, Feature Walls, this list is still growing
  • Wrap vinyl: When applied to a car, truck or trailer these wraps can advertise your brand information wherever you go. Meeting the eyes of thousands of your potential customers per day and reminding them that you are the right choice form them. 

At Vector Signs Inc. we carry your project in house from design to completion. No out source Installers. You deal directly with us to deliver to you accountability and confidence. 

Why choose digital printing?

There are many types of printing services and signage styles, all with their own unique benefits. Digital prints are our first choice for signage needs because they provide a level of quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness that put them above the rest. They also allow for greater customization, making them ideal choice for modern business owners living in the digital age.

The versatile application of digitally printed signs is incredible. From signs,  to vehicles, to interior solutions, digital prints can be used in just about any format. Whether it’s showcasing your brand and services, depicting products or creating something visually unignorable, our digital printing services are an invaluable resource for any company looking to attract new customers.

Who benefits from digital printing?

Because digital printing is so versatile, nearly every commercial property or business can benefit greatly from it's use. For example; retail stores, office buildings and service buildings will all benefit from custom digital printing with a number of services. They can display image of products and services, reinforce their brand with expertly deigned logos, spruce up their reception area with custom wall murals, privatize office areas with vinyl window frosting and even attract new customers with promotional materials or signage. 

Digital printing is even popular for residential properties; from apartments and condo buildings to private homes. Unique digital prints and reception branding can define the aesthetic of a lobby and make a great first impression on new residents and visitors. Wall murals can be an excellent way to create visual interest in a home without going through the struggle of painting and/or applying frustrating wallpapers. Vinyl window frosting is excellent for office space and also for bathrooms. Truly the applications of digital printing are nearly limitless. 

What is the cost of digital printing?

  Vector Signs Inc. works hard to ensure that customers are getting the most out of their experience with us. We want to work with you to ensure that we understand exactly what you need, encouraging a working relationship that will be beneficial to both parties in the future. At Vector Signs Inc. all pricing is based of the square foot of materials being used, the volume of the work, level of complexity and the life at which the project needs to last.       We offer many types of medias to merge with your project needs ranging from short to long term that it's important to contact us to get our best understanding of your project and thus our best pricing ro you.